Malibu Photo shoot with Henry Diltz

A select photo taken in Malibu by one of the best music photographers in the world Henry Diltz. 

I had always admired his work and how he was able to capture his subjects naturally as they are - no pretense...(James Taylor, Joni Mitchell, CSNY, Eagles, Jimi Hendrix and many more). The day I met him, not only did he generously gift me with one of my favorite all time Joni photos, but he gave me some of the best advise that I have ever received. I can only hope that with every person I meet that I leave something of myself as invaluable as Henry did that day. Don’t ever underestimate the power of humility, kindness and authenticity or how your own inner wisdom and experience may light the way for another. 

"It is impossible to grasp another humans inner world. But even in the darkness of the densest forest, there can always be the light of a firefly." ― Krupakar


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